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mole damage on lawn

Moles can be a real annoyance in your lawn as they tunnel and search for food. Not only do they make your lawn appear unsightly, but they can create problems with mowing, too. The first step in bringing the situation under control is to eliminate the source of feeding for the moles.

If the problem is the presence of grubs and they are brought under control through a program applied by your Weed Man Myrtle Beach professional, moles and other critters will most likely re-locate in search of their next meal. Because moles feast on any number of insect pests, it’s also likely that a treatment will involve placing a product into the mole tunnels to rid your lawn entirely of moles.


Control Options

Moles are small, burrowing mammals that can cause significant damage to lawns. They create extensive tunnel systems just below the surface, which can result in unsightly raised ridges and mounds. These tunnels disrupt the root systems of grass and plants, potentially killing them. Moles primarily feed on insects, earthworms, and grubs, so their presence can indicate a healthy soil ecosystem. However, controlling them can be challenging.

Infrequently mowed turf often encourages the likelihood of these critters invading, as it creates a perfect habitat for them to seek cover. 
Maintaining a regular mowing schedule is important to encourage a healthy stand of grass. Controlling moles in your lawn can be challenging, but there are several effective methods such as trapping, baiting, or the use of repellents like vibration or noise devices.


Have questions? Contact your local Weed Man Lawn Care professional as they may offer alternative control solutions that can help.

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